Articles of Interest

Too much “big news” broke over the past week. I can’t keep up:

Sony announced its own internal in-game ad unit, but says that PlayStation Network will remain open to other ad firms.

Phil Harrison, president of Sony Computer Entertainment worldwide studios, resigned from Sony and joined Atari.

EA seeks to acquire Take-Two for $2.0 billion. And Take-Two’s board of directors has rejected the offer, seeking more cash. Is it petty to keep quoting John “no longer ripe for mergers” Riccitiello at times like this? It is, I know.

Nintendo has announced Wi-Fi Connection Pay & Play. Players will use Wii points to pay for undisclosed Wi-Fi services (such as paying for online multiplayer time in certain games?) I’ll reserve comment until I know more about this, but it seems quite strange to me.

It seems that the number of active monthly Second Life users has not grown significantly since July 2007. That’s going to put one hell of a dent in the SL hype engine. Time to fix that crappy SL UI…

The Sims Online is reborn as EA-Land, a free-to-play game with virtual object sales (natch.)

Every year, one of my friends inevitably leads me to Berkshire Hathaway’s annual report and letter to investors. This year, it was Kim. As always, reading the letter makes me want to give Warren Buffet a giant hug. If there was ever a more intelligent, honest, charitable, and humble person, I don’t know of him. Good lord, do I have a crush on Warren Buffet??

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