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Kzero compares the traffic rankings of various virtual worlds.

Activision is launching an online music platform, based on the Guitar Hero franchise, that will compete with iTunes. Great idea. I’d love to know how they intend to handle portability between devices and between games.

For those of you looking for an extremely quick recap of the console makers’ E3 highlights:

  • Nintendo announced Wii Motion Plus (a hardware add-on that makes Wiimotes more precise), Ubisoft’s Shaun White Snowboarding, which uses the Wii Fit board, the long-expected Wii Music, and the even longer-expected Star Wars lightsaber game. Nintendo also unveiled the WiiSpeak microphone, which allows a room full of players to converse with one another.
  • Sony showed Resistance 2, unveiled a movie download service for the PS3 and PSP, and announced an original Ratchet & Clank game for PSN. There was also mention of a “massive action game” that would accommodate 256 players simultaneously. And of course, additional glimpses of Little Big Planet were a big hit.
  • Microsoft unveiled an avatar system for LIVE, an updated dashboard, a party system (that enables friends to jump from game to game together), and integration with Netflix. On the retail games front: the next Viva Pinata, and a movie-making game that uses the Vision Camera called You’re in the Movies, and a karaoke game, Lips, which uses music on your Zune or iPod and ships with motion-sensitive microphones. Finally, the news that Final Fantasy is, well, finally coming to Xbox. On the LIVE games front: Primetime interactive game shows like 1 vs 100, the true sequel to Geo Wars, an all-new Galaga, and an original game in partnership with South Park.

Speaking of E3: You may agree or disagree with them, but the guys at Penny Arcade really know how to poke fun at the platforms. 🙂

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