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Every online consumer forum should implement something like this!

Danc attacks the topic of workplace productivity. My favorite quote: We simply have a culture that tends to look inward (or at the movie industry) for solutions. A broader education on management and work practices, despite its ability to dramatically improve our games, typically takes a back seat to meeting the latest arbitrary, urgent deadline.

Want to participate in an ARG that will try to forecast events in 2019? Try Superstruct, which starts in five days and runs for six weeks.

A simple, but remarkable tale of customer service. Note the amount of traffic this post has attracted — quite a winning event for the company. And speaking of, MSMR just published a long article on how to respond effectively to customer complaints.

I can’t help but be fascinated by the stories that occasionally pop up about the US and Russia very nearly annihilating one another. Maybe because I still want to believe in a God of some kind, and these stories help me to believe. Or maybe I’m just a sucker for a thrill.

A nice interview in which Dan Ariely shares some great examples of price anchoring.

Great article on how to make reward programs more effective; very useful to any game company that has (or is building out) a consumer platform. Which, nowadays, seems like almost every game company!

My book, Changing the Game, was reviewed in the October print issue of Inc. Magazine. An online version of the article is available here.  đź™‚

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