When I saw this photo, it seemed so typical of me that I had to post it. Glued to my laptop, petting my dog, sitting nearby a copy of the wonderful boardgame Agricola. All that’s missing is Eve (and perhaps a plate of freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies. However, there’s generally a maximum window of 90 seconds between cookies leaving the oven and cookies entering my belly, so photos of me sitting next to a pile of cookies tend to be pretty rare.)

Anyway, I hope you’re all enjoying your Thanksgiving weekend. I sure am!

6 responses to “Typical…

  1. That is hilarious. It is an exact copy of me and my dog and my preferred evening position. The only difference is that I use a Macbook 🙂

  2. You’re lucky that your dog can actually be still. My year-old basset hound would gnaw on my wrist or fingers until there’s nothing left. Or bark until I play with her or leave her sight. I could probably feed her a big dish so she gets sleepy… How old is your dog and what’s his/her name?

  3. Her name is “Pooka” — she’s a nearly five year old whippet. Fast, sweet, and very independent. But she’s happy to cuddle when she’s tired in the evening.

  4. Funny, I played Agricola for the first time last week. How do you find enough hard core board gamers to play stuff like that? I have to do it with people from work!

  5. I bribe my non-hardcore friends with good wine and food. The first game is always painful but if I can get them to play twice, they’re hooked. 🙂

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