MIT Business in Gaming (BIG) Conference

I’m happy to share the following announcement, brought to you by the current generation of MIT Game Tycoons. 🙂

Digital distribution, marketing, and in-game advertising are the themes of MIT Sloan School of Management’s inaugural Business in Gaming Conference being held on Friday, May 8, 2009 on the business school’s campus. Ken Levine, president of 2K Boston and creator of BioShock, will serve as the conference’s closing keynote. Other speakers include: Susan Bonds, 42 Entertainment’s president and CEO, John Rizzo, CEO of Zeebo, and Curt Schilling, three-time World Series champion and founder of 38 Studios.

Ethan and I will be on a panel together in the afternoon. Sadly, I won’t be around for the rest of the conference (coincidentally, there’s another event at MIT that I must attend that day) so if you’re attending BIG, please say hello during the brief window that I’m present!

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