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I’m finally done with all the formalities of setting up my new consulting business. I’d love to tell you that I picked the name “Fuzbi” for some profound and/or touching reason, but no. I picked Fuzbi because it was a five-letter, pronounceable, available .com that (to my knowledge) does not mean anything in any common language. I’ve always liked the idea of picking a name that you can invest with your own meaning, like “Google.” And Fuzbi sounds fun to me, which is good enough for my purposes.

I owe a big hug to Danc for creating the Fuzbi logo. I wasted a good five or six hours making an absolute idiot of myself with Photoshop before Danc rescued me from myself. 🙂

So there you go — I’m official. And I’m already working on a few interesting projects for clients both inside and outside the US, so I’m feeling sassy to boot! If you might be interested in learning more about my consulting services, or if you’d just like to hang out and help me celebrate my new business, I’ll be at E3 on the 2nd and 3rd of June. Just drop me a line!

4 responses to “Where Business Meets Game Design

  1. bryan pelz

    New name leaves me feeling all warm and fuzbi.

  2. (shhh… you forgot to link to Fuzbi.com!)

  3. Ah, there’s nothing worth seeing at fuzbi.com yet. One of these days I’ll get around to putting up some interesting content there. 🙂

  4. Karl Stricker

    An interesting fact that is perhaps not widely known.

    Google definition:
    A google is a fantastic number; it is a number followed by 100 zeros.

    So when I say you got a google girlfriends, it means you have 10^100 girlfriends. (Aint logic)

    Now we know why they named Google for the famous search engine.

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