Just wanted to mention that I’ll be giving the keynote at the Digital Distribution Summit in Melbourne on September 29th, organized by Film Victoria. I’ve been asked to focus my lecture on XBLA/PSN, but I think the other speakers will address iPhone, Steam, etc. Simon Carless and Jamil Moledina will be there as well, so it should be a good time. 🙂

This will be my first visit to Australia, so I’m excited! Tourism suggestions welcome. And of course if you’re going to be at the conference, drop me a note.

PS. I’ll be traveling for three weeks (leaving this Thursday) so my blog activity will be light during that time.

7 responses to “Melbourne-Bound

  1. Hi David,
    I really enjoyed your talk at the summit yesterday. As I’m personally involved in providing marketing content for the game industry it was great to hear you driving the message home with solid evidence and experience to back it up.

    Enjoy your time in the land of Oz, I hope the weather holds up for you.

  2. Jon McCormack

    Fantastic keynote speech David! I was gripped from start to finish 🙂

    Enjoy your time in the Oz!

  3. Just watched a video of your talk David. I’m not a developer nor publisher, just a gaming enthusiast, and really loved it. Goes without saying, you just sold another copy of your book 😉

  4. I´ve just watched your keynote speech over Joystiq… needless to say it was great.
    I´m starting to take to shot on Game development and it was a good source to know how should i start it.
    Thank you for the great speech.

  5. I just watched the video on Joystiq, and this is pure gold. Every indie developer should listen to this. You’ve covered a lot of great points. I’m currently developing an Xbox Live Indie Game scheduled for release in a month or two (Duality ZF), and this is certainly going to help keep us on track. Thanks a bunch.

  6. Great speech. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge with us…

  7. Great speech, I wish I could have been there in person

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