Kindle Game #2: Panda Poet

Just a quick note to announce that we’ve launched our second Kindle game, a neat little word puzzle called “Panda Poet.”. It’s a somewhat faster game than Triple Town, and it takes advantage of the Kindle’s keyboard. It also features really cute pandas, which is apparently the killer feature for many players. πŸ™‚

This is the fourth game in the word game genre on the Kindle platform (not something we realized would be the case when we first started developing it) so it will be interesting to see if Amazon’s customers still find it appealing. On other platforms in the “uncertain beginnings” phase, customers can definitely exhibit genre burnout.

That said, so far the reviews are good and Panda Poet is rising on the charts. I think the game’s success will depend largely on Amazon’s support of it, word of mouth, and the cuteness factor. We’ll be doing our own marketing, but thus far I’ve found it difficult to reach Kindle users — many of the traditional tactics (like using Google and Facebook advertising, for example) haven’t proven effective. I’ll do a post-mortem on both Triple Town and Panda Poet sometime in the next few months and will go into greater detail at that time.

3 responses to “Kindle Game #2: Panda Poet

  1. I wish someone would tell me why it and the Triple Town are not available for me to purchase at πŸ™ and when this situation can/will change.

  2. Yeah, same here Lana. I’ve been wanting to buy Triple Town since it came out and yet I cannot. πŸ™ Let me give you my money, Spry Fox! πŸ˜›

    On a different note, David, how long did it take to get access to the KDK? I signed up about 3 weeks ago (Actually, the day I got home from the GCAP conference, thanks to you) and haven’t heard anything besides the initial “We’re evaluating your request” email. Just wondering how long it generally takes.

  3. Everyone: Amazon is not currently selling games for the Kindle outside the US. We have no say in this; obviously, we’d love our games to be available everywhere! Unfortunately, they’ve given us no indication as to when games will be available elsewhere.

    FacelessJ: not sure how long it takes nowadays — we got access several months ago very soon after applying.

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