Spry Fox seeking Senior Engineer

Spry Fox is looking to hire a senior-level engineer/developer. If you are not this person but know someone who is, we would be very grateful if you introduced us!

Job title: we don’t really do titles. Call yourself something amusing and/or impressive.
What we’re looking for:

  • Senior level engineer (five to ten years of work experience, minimum.)
  • Can program both the front end and back end of an original online game – by themselves or as half a team of two.
  • Has worked on multiple shipped games in the past
  • Very comfortable with frequent, rapid iteration (daily to weekly)
  • Excited about original, free to play games
  • Familiarity with Flash and Unity is a major plus but not a requirement. It’s actually more important for whomever we hire to be flexible and not wedded to any given language, as we frequently find ourselves adjusting our tech to meet specific circumstances.
  • You must be a self-starter who can work effectively without being closely managed or prodded. This is a company for entrepreneurs, not worker bees.
  • Reliability and honesty are the two most important traits to us.
  • Location is not an issue; we all work remotely. But if you live in Seattle or the Bay Area, you’ll get to have lunch with us pretty regularly.  🙂

About us: Spry Fox is a successful developer of online games that have collectively reached over 30m people. Our titles include Steambirds, Triple Town, Realm of the Mad God and Panda Poet. We are passionate about two things: making great original games and bringing happiness to the world.

Send inquiries to jobs at spryfox.com

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