Episodic Content & Digital Distribution: Bringing Back Adventure Games

Telltale Games, founded by former LucasArts employees who had worked on Grim Fandango, Monkey Island, etc, is using digital distribution and an episodic content model to attempt the (profitable) rebirth of the story-adventure game.

There are probably enough story game fans to drive a digital business, especially when you’re not splitting profits with retail. An episodic model also reduces up-front development risk. And story game fans, by definition, are probably more likely to accept the episodic format (after all, we’ve been trained by comics, tv shows, etc!) That said, I suspect that independent studios will need to stick with relatively simple engines if episodic content is to work – at least for now.

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  1. One of the problems with the current game media is that there is too little follow-up on games once they’re released. There’s plenty of speculation leading up to a release, but once a game is on store shelves it’s as though it doesn’t exist.

    It’s really very enjoyable to talk about games you’re currently playing, and reading about them in the news. You invest a little of yourself in the game, and it becomes a part of your social identity. The media should be backing us up by talking about the games when *we* want to talk about them too.

    Anyway, I’d hope that episodic games would help with this — every so often there’d be a new chapter/issue to make the news.

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