MMOrgy – Sex in Games Has a New Home

Slow news day today. Most interesting thing I’ve read was a post by Kotaku drawing attention to MMORGY, a new site focused on virtual sex in multiplayer games. “Porncraft” has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

The phenomenon is neither new nor surprising, of course. The zillion-dollar question is: what will happen when game developers manage to transmit the feeling of sex, not just the visuals? Might not be as far off as people think… remember Sony’s non-invasive, brain-sensory patent? Good thing we’ll probably have perfected growing babies out of test tubes by then. We might need to.

PS. I read somewhere that porn-related queries account for 25% of search engine traffic in the US. I wonder if 25% (or more) of the content in games like Second Life will ultimately shift towards sex?

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