Xbox 360 Crash Rumors Spreading Like Wildfire

By now you’ve heard the rumors that Xbox 360s are crashing with great frequency. I’ve tried to collect the most interesting (and relevant) info:

Kotaku has posted a poll asking people if their Xbox is “crashy.” Over 30% had responded in the affirmative when I last checked. Respondants who don’t own a 360 can still participate in the vote by simply acknowledging their interest, which is hopefully enough outlet to prevent them from screwing with the data. The poll’s validity is still very suspect, of course.

The Inquirer (the tech site — not the tabloid) cited a now-famous post in the Gamespot forums attributing 360 crashes to overheating, and claiming that it can be fixed by dangling the power supply in the air with string. (Photos included.) Meanwhile, Hack A Day suggests that overheating might only be a problem if you seat the air intake or exhaust vents on carpet, etc.

Last I heard, Microsoft was still claiming that the problem is quite rare. All the major news outlets (BBC, CNet, etc) have begun to pick up the story. Ouch. What a PR nightmare…

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