Articles of Interest

  • Via Clickable Culture, a first-person account of advertising in games gone awry. An Anarchy Online player writes: “in the main room in each store is a great big video billboard, and this board plays the same 15 second trailer for [V for Vendetta] over and over, in a continual loop, with quite intrusive audio… even TV adverts are only 12 minutes in every hour, but this was relentless, constant… so I find that just by shopping for equipment in my little online game, I’m made very angry by ‘V for Vendetta’…”
  • Via Edge, word that Valve (operator of the Steam digital distribution engine) is preparing to distribute video, not just games.
  • Via Game Insider, evidence that games might actually reduce violence — at least, in prison populations.  🙂   Separately, Wired has an article on games that encourage cultural awareness, social activisim, etc.
  • The much-discussed PS3 delay doesn’t seem to be phasing Japanese publishers (at least publicly). I don’t think anyone was surprised.
  • Consumers who create content on a PC with the Unreal Engine might be able to port their inventions to the PS3 (with a little help from game developers and Sony, of course). Another inevitable (but applaudable) industry milestone! User-generated content marches onward…
  • In case you haven’t already heard, Sony dropped the price of the PSP to $200 by yanking a few accessories out of the box (in other words, not exactly a price cut, but it will feel like one to many consumers).

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