GDC: My Wednesday Was Totally Random

Sony’s keynote was interesting, if rather devoid of new information. Experimental gameplay session was very cool — there was a game where you build a tower of hands that catch umbrellas and use them to shield paper boats from the rain. Very weird / cool.

As usual, the guys from Harmonix were treated like, well, guitar heroes, despite the fact that they had some trouble with their experimental exhibition, which did not diminish the simple fact that guitar hero was being played in a new way, which everyone was happy to see! They had attempted to do some neat freestyle stuff with the game (where you play what you want to, as opposed to a given song on a script), and it hadn’t quite worked out (in the lab, or in the demo.) But the concept was fantastic, and I was thrilled to hear that they will attempt it again in next-gen versions of the game.  đź™‚

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