GDC: Nintendo, Will Wright

Gotta make this fast — I’m late for a meeting.

The Nintendo keynote was remarkable for its almost total lack of information about (or hype around) the Revolution console. Satoru Iwata focused primarily on his overall theme (disruptive innovation), some game demos, and the DS in general. The underlying message, of course, was “stop focusing on raw power — start focusing on interesting features, accessibility, and games for the true mass market as well as the hardcore”. My totally subjective observation: the crowd appeared more engaged during this keynote than during Sony’s keynote. Giving away copies of Brain Training to all attendees at the end was very smart.

Will Wright’s keynote inspired joy, deep thought, and relentless feelings of inadequacy.  😉  He is an amazing presenter and thinker — absolutely the highlight of GDC ’06. I had assumed that there would be a full transcript of it (if not video) available online by now, but I can’t find anything worth linking to. Very frustrating. So: Will talked about what he does in the earliest stages of the game design process. He managed to weave astrobiology, aliens, and robots into the presentation on a regular basis. Pure magic. If a video surfaces I will absolutely link to it for you.

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