Articles of Interest

  • Very interesting series of events over at Next Generation. A few days ago, they reported on the development of a mobile “workplace shooter” (i.e. kill your co-workers.) The next day, they published an op-ed by MIT’s own Chris Weaver, who took the publisher to task for “social irresponsibility”. That, and a few other opinion pieces, caused the publisher (Alten8) to kill the title (apologies for the pun) only a day later. A rather remarkable example of the self-policing that has now begun to occur in the video game industry.
  • Microsoft will soon “re-launch” the Xbox 360 in Japan. No word yet on whether this means new pricing/bundles, or just a new ad campaign.
  • Not games: I think it’s important to understand how pervasive access to next-gen technology has impacted South Korean society; it might give us a glimpse into what life could be like in the US and Europe someday. Anyway, interesting article on S. Korean robots, politics, and blogs in the New York Times.
  • I’m always interested to see how the gaming community will react when a potential imposter (i.e. stealth paid marketing person) gets fingered on a forum, by a comic, etc. Or in this case, at Check out the comment thread. Wish there was some way of quantifying the damage…

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