Well, I’m in Kentucky. You might wonder why, since there’s probably not a game developer or publisher within 500 miles of here (to be fair, I haven’t actually checked.) The answer: I’m presenting at the National Intramural-Recreational Sports Association — NIRSA. More specifically, I’m presenting on Cyclescore, my research project fusing video games and exercise equipment.

The conference doesn’t really start rolling till tomorrow, so I’m short on stories. A famous motivational speaker gave the keynote tonight. It was essentially a very, very long pep talk. Apparently, this sort of thing is not so uncommon in the fitness world. Go figure.  🙂

I had a nice conversation with an amiable chap from Maine who manages a university’s gym and arcade facilities. They have a DDR arcade unit, which on its own earns almost twice what the entire remainder of the arcade earns as a whole. They have pool tables and some relatively new arcade games, so this is actually quite impressive; it also matches up with what I’ve observed at the MIT arcade.

PS. And, on a totally unrelated note – Nintendo just revised its profit estimate up 30%, thanks to strong DS sales. $807M for the year. Bet that feels good.

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