Articles of Interest

  • The Wall Street Journal reports that Microsoft may acquire Massive (in-game advertising company) for $200M – $400M.
  • Programmers and EA reach a $14.9M overtime settlement, and the identity of the “EA Spouse” is finally revealed.
  • Prediction: Report: China’s Video Game Market to Reach $2.1B in 2010, driven in part by the casual game market.
  • Via Digg, yet another visceral example of why the Nintendo Revolution is going to rock. (It helps if you like Star Wars.)

One response to “Articles of Interest

  1. Looks like that’s the Nintendo Wii now, eh. Somehow, the name no longer conjurs images of sword fights and gunbattles to me. Oh well, I suppose I’ll get used to it. Can’t say “Nintendo” would have made me think of an italian plumber either, if I didn’t know better.

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