…Now spelled “wii”, thanks to Nintendo’s marketing team.

I’m just not sure what to think. The reasons for the name change sound good when they’re spelled out on paper. So why can’t I supress the urge to roll my eyes? Oh well, I fully admit that I’m no product-naming expert. I personally preferred “Revolution”, though.

Update: …and, the inevitable zinger from Penny Arcade.

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  1. “Revolution” is actually pretty hard to pronounce if you’re a native Japanese speaker.

  2. I hear that. And I’m sure the word “Revolution” has unsavory connotations for some conservative types of people. And “Revolution” takes too long to say. I’m just expressing my personal preference for the name (as compared to “wii”, not necessarily all other possibilities). It was endearing, in a way.

    Meanwhile, the three random people I’ve spoken with say they laughed (and not in a good way) when they heard the announcement. And visually, I think the name is problematic: it looks like “Why”, not “We”, and I’m not sure I’d want the question “Why?” to be the primary thought in people’s minds when they consider the product.

    But again, I confess to knowing very little about naming strategies. I’m sure Nintendo did a boatload of focus group research and whatnot.

  3. The problem with listing reasons for choosing a given name is that explanations falter before the power of the name itself.

    “Wii” is not a good name. Sure, it’s a nifty graphic, and it has a homonym that fits Nintendo’s vision for the product.

    It’s also a childish homonym for “piss”. And that’s the first thing a substantial portion of the population is going to think of when they hear the name. Think about that: The first associations that a substantial portion of the population are going to make with your console are “childish” and “piss”.

    That alone should have disqualified it from being the name of Nintendo’s next gen console.

  4. English-speaking population, maybe. Not insignificant, but not Nintendo’s primary market either.

  5. Wonder how much they paid their naming company to come up with this.

  6. Well if Iwata-san is to be believed, then most of these ideas come out of their board room…. Would you be willing to tell him that he came up with oshiko… I mean pee?

  7. Stupid name. Little kids will come up to their parents and say one of the following:

    “Mom, I wanna wii!”
    “I am going to play with Billy’s wii!”
    “My wii is colored!”
    “My wii is wireless!”
    “Wii’s are so fun to play with!”

    get the point? o_0

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