Articles of Interest

  • Internet communities (such as YouTube and MySpace) propel Weird Al Yankovic to his first top 10 album in 30 years. This is my new favorite example of the power of online, grassroots buzz. 🙂
  • Interesting GoPets Interview. Good quote: “In GoPets, a lot of people try to be the ‘Most Friendly’ … If I give the most gifts, I show up on the most generous list … People will compete in completely noncompetitive environments.”
  • Escapist article on the importance of timing to a game’s success. Short on constructive advice, but a useful reminder (especially re: macro conditions, for those of us with our heads down.).
  • Ubisoft opens an office in Mexico. I have no good reason for linking to this, other than that I’m thrilled to see the game industry taking emerging markets more seriously.

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