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Quick note to explain the username/password fields that now appear at the top of this blog. They only serve one purpose at present — to enable you to permanently bypass the gibberish-generator when adding a comment to my posts (and also, to prevent your comments from erroneously being quarantined by my secondary spam filter.) Many of you have complained about the gibberish thing, so I implemented this (rather than capitulate to the spammers… I’m way too stubborn for that.)

Anyway, there’s absolutely no pressure to register; you can keep commenting the old way and that’s perfectly fine with me. And if you do register, I won’t spam you, sell your email address to catalog companies, or anything similarly nefarious. I might ridicule your username (Mr. “MonkeyLuv4u”), but only in private.

5 responses to “User Registration?

  1. Well, orange isn’t as sleek as black, but my plugin seems to be working… I didn’t know I was logged in until I logged out because the user authentication bar doesn’t display to logged in users. I think you also need to customize your log out function using that other plugin I sent you. Right now, logging out brings users to the WordPress authentication interface. If you need any additional help, you know how to reach me!

  2. I’m still playing with the functionality. I kind of like the disappearing bar … it’s only confusing if you happen to have been registered before today, which almost nobody is. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Nice solution. Clean and Elegant and it does way with the annoying spam filter (of all the spam filters I’ve encountered yours seems the most fidgity, for some reason. I usually have to generate 2 or 3 images before I can make out all 5 characters. There is often at least 1 that is cropped or hard to read because of color schemes, etc).

    But on the plus site, your blog about games gets so much traffic you need to block spam. Some of us only dream of being so popular. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Before I realized that I could register an account—David hadn’t provided a registration link—I was among those complaining about the gibberish generator. I would actually lose entire responses because the validation mechanism would reset the page on the first attempt to validate, even with the correct code.

  5. Yeah yeah, I know, my plugins suck. I need another day in the week, just to futz around with WordPress. Which, I’ll admit, I secretly enjoy doing. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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