Articles of Interest

  • US comic publishers are reaching out to female readers now that manga has helped prove (shocker of shockers!) that males aren’t the only audience. But in game-industry-land, there are still execs and analysts who insist that women will only play simple puzzle games. Why, God, why?
  • The “YouTube for PC games” category continues to explode. My buddy Jim Greer (formerly of Pogo) has alpha-launched Kongregate, a website that shares advertising, game sales, and microtransaction revenues with creators. More news here.
  • The first post-launch article (I’ve seen) about the obvious weight-loss potential of the Wii. I predict approximately ten billion more articles on this topic. Such a PR layup for Nintendo…
  • Henry has written a good article about the need for clearer language when discussing games and the “wisdom of crowds” | “collective intelligence” | “crowd-sourcing”. (Actually, he doesn’t mention “crowd-sourcing”, but I wish he had, because the term is often confused with WoC. Example of crowd-sourcing here.)
  • Universal Music is suing MySpace over “user-appropriated content”.
  • Neat little example of viral marketing on XBLA.  đź™‚

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