Happy Thanksgiving! (Year 2)

I’ve been waiting patiently for a whole year to re-use this pic. Seriously.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Thanks for reading along, sharing your thoughts, and suffering my various inanities.  đź™‚

Speaking of: if there’s a topic that you’ve been hoping I would write more about, but I just haven’t gotten ’round to it, by all means let me know. Some of my favorite articles were the result of friendly suggestions posted in comments on this blog or sent via email.

One response to “Happy Thanksgiving! (Year 2)

  1. What do you think about those 3 Burger King Xbox games released last week? They are $4 each with the purchase of a value meal, and I think they are surprisingly good games.

    Pocketbike Racers is my favorite one, and play on XBL is fun. The way the utilize the BK brand and its advertising campaigns I think is a significant step in using games as advertising.

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