New House, New Consoles, New James Bond…


The last few days have been a sleep-deprived, continuous cycle that looks something like this: work, fix house, play Viva Pinata, work, play Gears of War, fix house, play Wii Sports, work…

Nintendo has actually managed to make virtual bowling fun. I mean laugh out loud, heckle and boast, drink-beer-with-your-friends-fun. There should be some sort of special award for not making yet another crappy bowling game.

Suffice to say, I’m enjoying my Wii, despite (or perhaps partially due to) the absolute hailstorm of bad puns I’m constantly subjected to while playing with it. I want to say that “I’ve heard them all”, but man, this gutter clearly stretches to infinity. Anyway, Super Monkey Ball is next on my list of Wii games. I’m looking forward to it.

IMO, from what I’ve seen, Xbox Live Arcade is still miles ahead of anything offered by Sony or Nintendo. Of course, they’ll both ramp up sooner or later, but I think it will be difficult for them to close the gap between the offerings. After all, we’re certainly not resting on our butts right now.

Lastly, and on a completely unrelated note: if you haven’t seen the latest Bond flick (Casino Royale), go see it. Right now. It was the best Bond experience since Connery. There were almost no gadgets (and no Q) but I didn’t even care because Bond is finally a charming-but-utterly-lethal badass once again. I could say more but really, you should just go see it!

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