Pooka the Ghost

Apologies — I wanted to write something intelligent this weekend; instead I spent all of it playing with Pooka, our new whippet. (We didn’t pick the name Pooka — she’s three years old and she’s had that name since she was born. Feels wrong to change it.)

But I also occasionally call her “ghost” because she’s entirely white and utterly silent. I’ve never met a dog that doesn’t bark or yelp or anything. We’ve heard her whine once — when Eve left the house and Pooka got separation anxiety — and we heard her growl for about a second, when another dog tried to paw her. That’s about it.

Anyway, much time spent giving treats, learning dog mannerisms, and keeping Pooka off the bed (she still jumps on it when I’m not looking, but she’s smart enough to fly out of the room when I walk in… *grin*)

Something more worth reading to come soon. Thank you for your patience.  😉

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