Tastes Like Chicken

(Writing this from Amsterdam, where I’m attending the Casuality Conference.)

It’s going to take forever to digest all the notes I took on this trip to China. I spent the vast majority of my time meeting with developers, participating in an internal MSFT conference, and visiting gaming sites to learn more about them (arcades, internet cafes, etc.)

However, it wasn’t all work. I won’t bore you with my photos of the Forbidden City in Beijing or the famous gardens in Shanghai; if you’re curious about those places, you’ll find a million better photos online. This, however, is one photo you won’t find anywhere else: me making a fool of myself. (Actually, there are a great many such photos… just not set in China.)

This shot was taken at a seafood restaurant on a small island off of Hong Kong. Apparently I consumed enough beer to work up the nerve to taste roast pigeon. And by “taste”, I mean “chew the neck and head like some sort of perverted cigar.”

For the record, pigeon meat does not taste like chicken, even though everything from frog to crocodile does. Pigeon has a very different texture… one that I’ll be carefully avoiding in the future.

Oh, sorry, I lied. One more photo to share. I want to play this character in a video game:

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