Articles of Interest

  • Bravo to Linden Labs for recognizing an opportunity to build goodwill and actually benefit from unthreatening parody exposure (the Get a First Life campaign). Far too many companies would have instinctively reacted with lawyers and threats.
  • Henry writes a very good analysis of the debate over Second Life’s user numbers. (I’ll throw one small barb, Henry: cultural change may be difficult to quantify, but profit is not. Users matter partially because Linden Labs is not a charity.)
  • Google is bringing ad revenue-sharing to YouTube. Let the flood of lawsuits commence! (And check out my previous article on this subject.)
  • Lost Planet cost $40M USD — half marketing, half development.
  • An article about vote-based TV programming. One interesting quote: “It is far from clear, though, that the connections voters make with their favorite new talents are the sort that are built to last… aspiring stars — even those backed by a bloc of voters — still need support from old-line media gatekeepers.”
  • Ian Bogost tackles one problem with many exergames: lack of social/cultural/creative depth. Quote: “Exergames will have to do more than just demanding physical gestures that produce latent exercise. In addition, they will have to simulate and create the social rituals that make us want to be physically active, whether alone or with others.”
  • Great little video explaining the meaning and importance of Web 2.0. I agree with Kim: thoroughly inspiring!

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