Articles of Interest

Ever read something like “the average American consumer is exposed to 5,000 ads a day?” I certainly have. Ilya has done a great job of digging up sources behind this popular (if debatable) number.

Henry has written two blog posts strongly encouraging everyone to see Moral Kombat, despite accusations that the documentary’s trailer appears to be skewed against the video game industry.

Article about Blitz Games’ TruSim division, which makes serious games. (Blitz developed the Burger King Xbox games.) I’m highlighting this article because it mentions a medical triage game that I think is a decent example of a non-consumer serious game that could evolve into a successful consumer (M-rated) title, given the number of people who watch “serious” medical TV shows! This was one of the many themes in my recent GDC Lyon lecture, “How to Compete With Free.”

And speaking of serious games, the long-in-coming GlucoBoy blood tester for Nintendo DS-owning diabetic children has finally hit the market. If any of you have seen or used this, I’d love to know what your experience was.

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