Your First F2P Game: Where You Will Go Wrong

A video of my 2012 Casual Connect lecture is now freely available online. TY to Casual Connect for sharing it!

5 responses to “Your First F2P Game: Where You Will Go Wrong

  1. Hey mate, most incredible presentation, shall be getting all my guys to watch this one. 🙂

    What are the top 3 resources you’d recommend that cover great FTP mechanics?

    Also, have you got a copy of the slides? Particularly the ones at the end that didn’t show on screen.


  2. Excellent presentation. It enforced my own view of F2P and makes me think I’m on the right track at least! Thanks for posting.

  3. Hey David, great talk, thanks for putting it online. You struck a nice balance of being kind to the player while still making enough money to live off of.

  4. “F2P”? Let’s use words.

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