Spry Fox settlement with 6waves

As several news outlets have discovered, we have amicably settled our lawsuit with 6waves. We are very happy with the outcome and glad to be finished with this matter. The full terms of the settlement are confidential, but I can disclose that as a consequence of the settlement, ownership of the Yeti Town IP has been transferred to Spry Fox. We look forward to putting 100% of our time and energy into our games, like the upcoming Leap Day, Steambirds 2 and Panda Poet mobile. 🙂

7 responses to “Spry Fox settlement with 6waves

  1. Spry Fox = 1
    Clone Developers = 0

    I was STOKED to see this decision come through. Great job standing up for your IP and winning!

  2. Hey David,

    This is really great news!
    I’m extra excited that you (at the least) are able to share this tiny bit of the settlement as a completely confidential settlement might not have been as effective as a deterring factor.

    All the best to you guys

  3. Well fought! Congrats, and thank you from another game dev!

  4. Congrats. Excellent news.

  5. Oh man, congrats! Thanks for punching back.

  6. Hey David,

    Why don’t you write anymore? Missed reading your blog posts.


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